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iLOF Services

iLOF Services

iLOF™ offers a wide range of capabilities and provides toolboxes from well to topside

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Our iLOF™ services provide production optimization, asset life extension insight, proactive debottlenecking and condition based maintenance. These combined services intend to decrease OPEX and increase production levels and efficiency so our clients draw the best from their subsea assets.

To design and deliver integrated solutions to improve the performance of subsea infrastructure, NBA直播FMC leverages large and previously unreached capabilities (from infrastructure engineering to flow assurance, manufacturing to installation, digitalization to data processing), a comprehensive pool of assets (construction and intervention vessels and cutting-edge subsea tooling) and a broad range of services covering the entire water column over the field life.

Consistent with its iFEED™ and iEPCI™ services, NBA直播FMC’s iLOF™ offering is designed to unlock the full potential of subsea infrastructures during operations by proactively addressing the challenges operators face over the life of subsea fields.

Integrated solutions improving performance

Helping our clients draw the best from their subsea assets

  • Largest global subsea production system (SPS) and subsea umbilicals, risers and flowlines (SURF) installed base
  • 30+ year track record
  • Global footprint in all major oil and gas basins
  • Asset base facilities, workshops and manufacturing plants
  • Strong engineering heritage and design capability
  • Advanced products and product experts
  • Top-rated vessels and vessel experts
  • Subsea intervention tooling specialists
  • Data management and digital services
  • In-house vessel management
  • Results-driven and adaptable
  • Advisory role to operators and authorities
  • Partner and alliance focused

Your partner in efficient operations

  • Proactive identification of value added opportunities
  • Inspections and testing (e.g. well testing) performed when and where needed
  • No unplanned shutdowns due to early detection and preventive actions
  • Improved production deferment
  • Less time on analysis, more on decision-making
  • Reduced time from identification to implementation
  • Offshore operations managed onshore and by remote
  • Fast responding and cost-efficient vessel fleet and tooling always available

Tailoring to client needs

Our iLOF™ services are tailored to our clients’ needs to deliver:

Insights by integrating and processing operation and product data from well to topside, anticipating risk, analyzing opportunities and providing solutions.

Speed via early detection and quick response from analysis to execution to gather all elements of a solution into one integrated service and anticipate needs to proactively manage operations.

Impact on operators’ value drivers to safely improve production and reduce costs.