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NBA直播FMC is your completions partner from the pump to the well.

We are your turnkey completions solutions provider, including digital controls and monitoring. By partnering with our customers, we have developed industry-leading completion products and services to significantly reduce nonproductive time.

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Auto Greasing System





SuperFrac™ Utility System (CV)

Tree and Manifold Systems

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Our integrated offering takes a new approach to traditional completions operations, delivering products and services designed to work together as a total solution that is more economical for our customers.

By removing multiple third-parties, we ensure the operation is successful while reducing nonproductive time, safety incidents and product failure points. We also offer reliable and efficient rental products to cover all completions needs.

  • Tree Systems
    • Natural Flow Systems
      • Loose stack production trees
      • Block Valve production trees
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery Systems
      • ESP Tubing Hanger and Tree
      • PCP Tubing Hanger and Tree
      • Gas Lift Systems
      • Loose stack injection trees
      • Block Valve injection trees
    • Horizontal Completion Systems
      • Horizontal Tubing head/ hanger
    • Disposal Well Systems
      • Loose stack trees
      • Block valve trees
      • Salt Water Disposal (SWD) trees
  • Gas Storage Systems
    • Tubing Heads
    • Trees
  • Life of Field (LoF) Services
    • From installation to decommissioning
  • Frac Services
    • Frac trees
    • Manifold systems
    • Automated Greasing System
    • Quick Connect Systems
  • Flowback and Well Testing
    • Frac Watch
    • Drillout service
    • Desanders


Our frac equipment and services are readily available, providing shorter transition times between completion stages and reducing overall time on pad.


With digital controls and improved product design, we can keep personnel outside of the red zone, monitor valve position, and operate and grease the valves. 


We deliver industry leading technology and products that can provide real-time data and improve customers' operations and safety. 

Frac trees designed to meet your every need. 

NBA直播FMC offers a first-in-class frac tree product portfolio with engineering focused on reliability and performance. With our customers in mind, we offer custom designed frac trees that meet API-6A PR2 certifications.

Frac Trees and Manifolds

We offer conventional vertical systems or ground level systems. Ground level systems allow technicians to work on the ground to reduce the amount of iron and winged connections on location.


We use greasing manifolds to substantially decrease the time it takes to grease gate valves. This helps increase the number of stages completed per day.

Pressure Testing

We pressure test our equipment on and off location before each job to make sure every connection and valve seal performs to the highest standards and can make pressure testing easier on the pad.